The parasol protectorate series


The parasol protectorate books collaborates steam punk and paranormal romance, in high society Victorian England. Together this creates a bizarre world where our main character, Alexia Tarabotti, has tea with brash werewolves and polite vampires, whilst  upholding her reputation of being a women of good standing  with a splendid wardrobe. Being a preternatural, a person with no soul, she tends to get along with supernatural’s, despite their constant attempts to end her existence.


The alternate Victorian world where the queen was responsible for the social acceptance of human supernatural relations  was interesting and


Once you get over the wackiness of the Gail Carriger world you begin to enjoy the quirky names and outlandish personalities of her characters. This book is sometimes classed as a romance but even without the unlikely relationship ,of a werewolf and a preternatural, the book would stand alone as a paranormal fiction (or urban fantasy). Alexia’s journey to unravel the mystery of her father and preternatural heritage held my interest through the entire series.


This was the first series I brought in its entirety on my kindle and i now wish i had brought the books  because I ended up devouring the series in record time and I feel like need them on my shelves. Also  the book covers are gorgeous and steampunky the cover artist done a wonderful job and sparked a new interest in corsets and bustles.

(I’m defiantly going to do a cosplay of Alexia Tarabotti)


I didn’t fall in love with the love interest. I usually expect to be swept of my feet in a romance series, at times even Alexia didn’t seem to keen on Lord Maccon. But maybe it was because Alexia was such a strong and independent character throughout she didn’t really ever need much help from Lord Maccon, as opposed to other romances where the protagonist can’t seem to function for any more than 5 minute without the love interest jumping in to save the day.


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